Career Coaching

We offer you tailor-made support. Initially, it will be a question of establishing precisely the objective of these coaching sessions.

Do you want to change jobs, careers, become independent and become a consultant or even completely change your context? We are here, at your disposal to support you with powerful tools. From classical psychology, to positive psychology, through coaching and some developed by us, our tools and methods will be offered to you at the right time to help you set up and move forward in your professional projects.

Actor of your change at all stages, we are here to stimulate, support and break down barriers to enable you to achieve your professional goals.

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1- Determine your goal and put everything in place to achieve it

Have you already determined your goals? Is your strategy clear? Does it lead to the actions needed to achieve those goals? Have you established an agenda?

Like any project, the professional project is thought out and organized. Get help to dramatically increase your chances of success!

2- Assess your skills

When you are asked to value yourself and give two of your qualities, or a defect, do you know how to answer?

You know that there are very powerful tests to help you! We support you in discovering your assets and strengths in order to enhance them.

3- Discover your strengths and unlock your potential

Most of the projects and professional objectives which do not succeed are blocked or slowed down by psychological barriers of which we are often unaware of the existence. It is possible to overturn them and grow professionally and personally. We are here to help you take action.